Breaking Into SAP

BITSAP Accelerated

$356 (2 payments of $178)

Starting Friday, November 20th I will meet weekly with a select group of individuals to work together, under my personal direction, to identify and overcome any challenges in the global market for employment or contract work in the area of SAP.  This course will require that you attend weekly meetings via web conference – and submit timely responses to the materials I supply earlier each week as we advance together towards your goal of highly paid employment in SAP.

Syllabus and Weekly Schedule

The course will move according the following schedule.  Each week I will survey the class and send homework to make sure we’re both holding up our end of the work required to be successful in SAP. I will invite one student per week to be on the “hot seat” to share his or her CV and to be interviewed as a “candidate” – The entire group will therefore have the opportunity to obtain a superior knowledge and understanding of the process by which you yourself will use to obtain lucrative employment in SAP. All students, therefore, will receive the all-valuable experience of listening in on (experiencing, really) the interview and candidate evaluation process.


November 20th, 2015 - Introduction and initial Q&A

Weekly Schedule

Monday               - Weekly course survey sent.

Tuesday              - Survey responses due and “hot seat” invitation. Individual CV reviews.

Wednesday         - Homework sent. Hot seat notification.

Thursday             - Homework completed & due.

                           - Agendas sent for Friday call.

Friday                  - 1-hour sessions are held.

                           - Including “Hot seat” and open Q&A.

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