not getting any job offers in sap?

All jobs require at least 5 years of experience....

Completed certification, and still no interviews...

Unsure about how to represent your skills...

Worried that it may be too late to start in SAP...

video training series

I’ve put together a short video training series that will show you how to overcome the challenges above.

It includes 3 video training sessions

    You need to understand that everyone in SAP starts somewhere. There are industry standards and norms at work that only seasoned pros understand. Jim freely shares his insider knowledge with you.
    I teach you how to obtain "full cycle" & "real time" experience so you can win that next interview.
    "What you need to know, and what can you safely ignore" when it comes to SAP education. Instead of additional useless technical knowledge, hear what it really takes to get a job in SAP today and in the future.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. I want you to understand what you need to know about SAP, and what you can safely ignore as you venture into the lucrative world of SAP recruiters and hiring managers.

Why won’t you enjoy this bundle?

This bundle isn’t for everyone. This bundle focuses on how to get SAP job interviews, and offers for employment. Perhaps you are not ready to progress in your career and want one more certification or technical training? This isn't for you. We want people who area ready to start.

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